3 mins / Montana bound


I worked from home today, trying to get email and time entry and other odds and ends done, and felt incredibly guilty all day long. What’s wrong with me? I was productive! I swear! It’s just that if I’m not physically in the office, I worry that people won’t believe that I’m actually working. I think this comes from some kind of second generation lapsed Catholic guilt. My beloved grandmother’s influence is strong.

I’ve been feeling weird and strange about all things work related all day, as a matter of fact. Is this just the post conference funk? After being so sociable and voluble all last week, I feel strange and delinquent and anti-social this week. It’s causing me to seriously reconsider my public/private life balance. I’m having strange fantasies of quitting my job and moving to Montana. Montana, which I’ve never visited, is code in my house for opting out of one’s present life and starting fresh as a simpler, quieter person. I escape into this fantasy about once a week.