5 minutes

Here’s a personal and embarrassing admission: I’m pretty self conscious when I post to my blog. If you look through this site, you’ll see that I’ve been posting my photos for a lot longer than I’ve been posting my words, and that’s because I have more ego and self-esteem bound up in my words. I labor over what I write. I think more about the impression it’ll make on other people. They don’t just flow. They’re hard won.

But the thing is, for a long time, I’ve wanted to write more often. I’ve wanted to just feel free and easy posting whatever comes to mind whenever it seems to come. 

I’ve been doing The Artist’s Way off and on for the past few months. (More embarrassing admissions.) One very interesting thing about the Artist’s Way, which is basically a program for sparking your creativity, is that you’re required to write “morning pages" every day — 3 pages of stream of conscious writing first thing in the morning before your internal editor has fully awoken.  So, taking a tip from morning pages, I think I’m going to start forcing myself to write an evening blog post. Every day. For 3 minutes. No editing. No self consciousness. Just write whatever comes out. Starting tomorrow. Today would count, except I’ve already gone on for five minutes. So, 3 minutes of unadulterated stream of conscience begins tomorrow. Brace yourself, world.