IA Summit, here I come

I’ll be in Miami this weekend at the IA Summit presenting my thoughts on how to be a user experience team of one.

This is a topic that’s very dear to me because, well, it’s about me!

For 3 years at Barclays Global Investors I worked as a user experience team of one, but it was only after I left and joined a group of designers at Adaptive Path that I realized how many fundamental design techniques had been missing from my time at the big investment bank.

Now when I’m out and about talking to other practitioners, I hear the same frustrations that I had in other solo practitioners.  So this presentation is basically my way of sharing all the cool tricks that I’ve picked up at Adaptive Path with a crowd of people that I still strongly identify with.

If you’ll be in Miami at the Summit, I’ll be speaking at 2:45 on Saturday. Come check it out.