Inspiration all around...

I don’t know why, but I feel so inspired right now to do weird, new, interesting, arty things. A couple of things have got my mind racing…

Inspiration #1 
Finally got around to reading NY Times Magazine article from earlier this month about young fashion bloggers (very young. like 13. or 12!) Then I spent some time this morning reading the blog of aforementioned bloggers. Holy cow, these ladies have style. And they can write! They’re so uninhibited. It kind of puts me to shame. Two favorites: style rookie and childhood flames

Inspiration #2
I’ve been thinking since visiting London earlier this summer and seeing an exhibit on the fashion photographer Tim Walker that included his notebooks — which were basically just collage books with clippings from other fashion mags, and old books, and other random objects, like seed packets (!) — that I need to start keeping collage books of the stuff that inspires me. so today I started! I took the free sketchbook that we got when we did graphic facilitation training at work and pulled out the handy dandy glue stick, and just started pasting pictures in. then i wrote little annotations and little arrows pointing to what I like in each picture. the whole thing made me feel light and floaty. that’s a good thing, right?

Inspiration #3
I finally, after meaning to for a while, did a little research on Central Saint Martin’s College, which appears to be the origin of every cool artiste out there, including this one and this one.  Turns out they have an MA in “Creative Practice for Narrative Environments," which could just be the dream program for combining the interior/space/architectural design thang with the interaction/user experience/information design thang.  Might be time for me and my sweetheart to move to London.