Leah speaks!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure the only people who read this thing are family members and the odd friends from way back when. (Ben and Sarah, I’m looking at you.)

But just in case you’re somebody who’s interested in user experience and you’ve somehow found your way to my humble, silly blog, please know that I’m about to commence upon a spate of speaking engagements.

Agile 2008 Conference

First up, I’ll be in Toronto on August 7th doing a workshop on sketchboards and prototypes with Adaptive Path’s senior technologist and an all around good-guy, Dan Harrelson.

UX Week

Then comes the event of the season: UX Week in San Francisco, August 12-15. I’ll be speaking about being a UX team of one, and co-presenting a workshop with my not-so-secret hero, Brandon Schauer, on how to produce better designs faster using sprints and sketchboards. You can use the discount code “FOLB" when you register for 15% off registration.

EPIC 2008

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Copenhagen in October (sorry, not to rub it in, or anything, but I am!) please visit me and sock puppet wizard Kate Rutter at EPIC 2008, where we’ll be doing a workshop on pen and paper techniques for moving quickly from user research to design.

If you give a damn about user experience and happen to find yourself in one of those cities at the time, please get in touch (email me at leah at adaptivepath dot com) and let’s hang out and talk shop.  Cocktails will make it fun, fun, fun.