Meltdown in Dublin

Imagine ten hours on a plane in economy class. You’re all cramped and stinky. All you want to do is brush your teeth and get in bed. You arrive at the address for your hotel, only to discover…

Welcome home

An empty, boarded up building surrounded by scaffolding.

Yes, dear friends. This is how my trip to the Emerald Isle begins. What followed was two hours of lugging suitcases around in drizzling rain trying to figure out where the hell we were supposed to be. The whole mix up is evidently due to a combination of *hilarious* circumstances, including:

Phantom hotel. The hotel is actually a part of another hotel that’s located under a separate name and address next door (but there’s no sign or indication anywhere).

Genius on the phone. The woman on the other end of the phone when I called to ask why I couldn’t find the hotel actually gave me a third and completely incorrect street number to go in search of.

Awesome urban planning. When we went in search of said street number, we discovered that numbering sequences on opposite sides of the street bear no relationship to each other. We stood outside No. 55 and faced No. 126 across the street.

Of course all of this will be written up in a scathing review on Trip Advisor when I get home, but right now I’m so grateful to have an actual bed to sleep in, I’m going to pretend to be a satisfied guest until I’m safely on my way.