The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that my book, The User Experience Team of One, is finally available. In it, I look at a common but often overlooked professional situation in the user experience field: what to do when you're the only person on your team who is advocating for (or maybe even knows about) user centered design. For people working in this situation, this book describes a range of approaches that have big impact and take less time and fewer resources than the standard lineup of UX deliverables. Whether you want to cross over into user experience or you're a seasoned practitioner trying to drag your organization forward, this book gives you tools and insight for doing more with less.

What's Included

Here is a sneak peek at the table of contents: 

Part 1: Philosophy

  • Chapter 1: UX 101
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started
  • Chapter 3: Building Support for Your Work
  • Chapter 4: Growing Yourself and Your Career

Part 2: Practice

  • Chapter 5: Planning and Discovery Methods
  • Chapter 6: Research Methods
  • Chapter 7: Design Methods
  • Chapter 8: Testing and Validation Methods
  • Chapter 9: Evangelism Methods
  • Chapter 10: What's Next